Poems by Joe Silva

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An unkept grave

Such a sad sight to see

An unkept grave

I hope somebody thinks more of me


Gra'm or Grandpa

We think so much of thee

But time we have so little of

I guess I'll think of me

(Joe Silva, 1979)

(I wrote this after visiting my grandmothers gravesite in Eureka, California)



If I grow old

He'll still be more precious than gold

And if I stay young

I'll still serve them as one


If my mama never serves Him

And my daddy dies in hell

I'll love Christ

'till in time the end is spelled


If my brothers never know Him

And my sisters go their way

I'll live in holiness

And in Christ I will stay


If I live Christ will glory

if I die I will gain

but I'll die only to rise

To rise once again

(Joe Silva, 1976)



It's you Lord

It's you, I know it

With each movement of your Spirit

You show it


I'm yours Lord

I'm yours, you know it

I want the world to know

That your love has set me free


The things that I own

My car and my home

They're not so much

That I cannot live for you


You've done so much

In so little time

The things that I have

I cannot say are mine

You've given me

Life so free

I'm just glad

That you died just for me

(Joe Silva, 1978)


Holy is the Lord

Mighty is His name

Greatly to be praised

His father and Him the same


Holy is the Lord

Mighty is His name

Greatly to be praised

This is no children's game


Fellow Christian soldiers

Sharpen your bible sword

We're going into battle

Against the enemy of our Lord


Our weapons are not carnal

Our foe's not flesh and blood

Our armour's gird about us

Our power comes from above


There's a battle in the heavens

Our souls are at stake

Our commander died at Calvary


Our war cry is HOLY!

Those walls will crumble down

We'll sit with Him in Heaven

Where the lion will lay down

(Joe Silva, 1991)


If I could feel His touch

Just one more time again

Then I could see His beauty

Instead of wretched sin


But I've strayed so far from that old altar

I'm stained again with sin

I'm reaching out to Jesus

That He might take me in again


I'm reaching out to Jesus

Oh Master hear my cry

I've not found the worldy pleasures

That once had caught my eye


The lights and the sounds, they've only hurt me

Like clay Potter, make me o'er

I'm reaching out to Jesus

I want to love Him more


My path is oft' so rocky

My feet so sore and raw

I've heard my master speaking

I think I'll answer to His call


I've found my place among the fold

My heart so warm and safe

I'm reaching out to Jesus

Thank God for amazing grace

(Joe Silva, 1982)



What side of the cross are you on

Will you die with your head held low

Or with Christ will you go to paradise

What side of the cross are you on


The thief on the one side of Jesus

Said Master remember me

Then Jesus said this day will you be

With me in paradise


The thief on the other side of Jesus

Profaned and cursed His name

He died that day with no one to blame

What side of the cross are you on

(Joe Silva, 1994)


Bobby's Song

Our son

You gave our life it's light

Full of joy and bright


Dark curly hair

And a perfect little nose

We counted ten fingers and toes


We thanked the Lord

He gave us a little boy

Your life gave us meaning and joy

Even when you'd only eat 

Macaroni and cheese for lunches

We loved you bunches


All on your own

You learned to ride a bike

I don't mind sayin'

It was quite a sight


You went to Jesus

Before we were ready

We tried to be strong

And we tried to be steady


What are you doing

Playing with the angels I wonder?

Skipping rocks on the crystal sea or

Clapping with God's thunder?


Strong and bright

Taller than me

I'm quite certain

A young man now you'd be


Smart as a whip

And heart breaker for sure

You would have found true love

As you matured


You used to say

"I love Jesus in my heart"

Even when you were little

You were pretty smart

(Joe Silva, Sept. 1999)

Bobby was born August 26, 1993.  He left this world on November 23, 1998.

Ode to Dad

I wish I would have said it

When you were around

I've learned that I can be a man, Dad

Following your prints in the ground


I remember you taught me

To tie my shoes in a bow

You taught me to catch a fish

And keep the car on the road


You didn't build an empire

Just a cabin on some land

You didn't leave millions

But you made my life grand


Not many will remember

Now that you're gone

I'll carry your name, Dad

And proudly pass it on.

(Joe Silva, Feb. 19, 1982)

You Are Not Alone

There are times in this life

When things don't seem right

And as hard as you try

You just can't understand why


You're not alone my friend

We are there with you

We will walk the road ahead

You and me, and Jesus too


We'll climb the hills

We'll cross the streams

You, me and Jesus

We make a winning team


You're not alone my friend

We are there with you

We will walk the road ahead

You and me, and Jesus too


When we reach the finish line

We can finally look back

We'll see, finally at that time

Love filled in the gaps


You're not alone my friend

We are there with you

We will walk the road ahead

You and me, and Jesus too

For Nancy, Joe Silva, July 27, 1999

Maybe Next Week

We race through the week

Like a moment in time

When do we stop and say

Jesus, you're mine?


Maybe on Sunday,

If we don't have a game

Monday's no good,

My schedule's insane


Tuesday'd be fine

If I'm not workin' til eight

Wednesday'd be ok,

But it's laundry day


All the hustle and bustle

And runnin' around

Rushing and racing

Uptown and down


Thursday's out too,

I've got to work late

Friday's no good,

I've got a date


We keep rushing,

Trying to keep up

We hurry and push,

Testing our luck


Saturday's out

The car's in the shop

Maybe next week,

Or maybe not

Joe Silva, August 1, 1999

Heaven is Calling

Heaven is Calling


Heaven is calling you home my dear

But I don't want you to go

How will I breathe without you here?

Heaven is calling you home


If I could take your pain away

And put sunshine into your life

We could dance all night until the morning

And wake as husband and wife


Our Children are crying today my dear

They don't want you to go

But they'll remember your strength through this

Until they each grow old


Some day we'll wake on the other side

We'll both be happy and bright

Until that day don't worry my dear

You've made mine a wonderful life


Joe Silva 2011